Eaglecast: Using Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Bottom Line

Started Nov 28, 2023


Full course description

Unlock the secret to a thriving workplace with the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Join Dr. Kermit Jones, Jr., an Executive Coach and leader development expert, as we dive into the pivotal role EQ plays in reshaping our professional environments. In a world that often prioritizes speed and efficiency, Dr. Jones illuminates why the emotional resonance of a workplace is paramount in helping put the human back into humanity. We explore the innovative tool "Four Lenses," a temperament-based assessment designed to elevate our understanding of self-awareness and its transition to self-management, as well as interpersonal dynamics and how they can bolster harmonious team collaboration. Tune in and explore how weaving EQ into your organizational tapestry can shift paradigms from transactional to transformational, cultivating a symbiotic relationship between emotional well-being and organizational efficacy that ultimately drives better results.

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