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Research PCIT: (Barnett) Train-to-Sustain: Predictors of Sustainment in a Large-Scale Implementation of PCIT

1 credit


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Sustainment of evidence-based practices is necessary to ensure their public health impact. The present study examined predictors of sustainment of PCIT within a large-scale system-driven implementation effort in Los Angeles County. Two sustainment outcomes were examined at the therapist- and program-levels: 1) PCIT claim volume and 2) PCIT claim discontinuation. On average, therapists and programs continued claiming to PCIT for 17.7 and 32.3 months, respectively. Findings suggest that PCIT sustainment may be facilitated by implementation strategies including targeted outreach to ensure eligible families in therapist caseloads, facilitating therapist engagement in advanced trainings, and building internal infrastructure through train-the-trainer programs.

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