Research PCIT: (Woodfield) Time-Out with Young Children: A Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Practitioner Review

1 credit


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Prior literature suggests that time-out is both safe and effective when used predictably, infrequently, calmly, and as one component of a collection of parenting strategies. However, this research evidence has been largely oriented towards the academic community and is often in conflict with the widespread misinformation about time-out within communities of parents and treatment practitioners. This dissonance has the potential to undermine the implementation of an effective suite of treatments (e.g., PCIT) for common and disabling childhood conditions. This practitioner review explores the dynamics of the parent-practitioner relationship as they apply to the teaching and coaching of time-out to parents. It also acknowledges factors within the clinical setting that impact on time-out’s use, such as the views of administrators and professional colleagues. The paper is oriented toward practitioners of PCIT but is of relevance to all providers of parent training interventions for young children.

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