Two sets of hands holding a red heart. The Aspirational Philanthropist Learning Program. Presented by Aspire to Give and the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and NonProfit Studies

Aspire to Give 3: Donor Design Course


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Full course description

With a focus on financial gifting, you will craft your comprehensive giving plan to benefit your loved ones and meaningful causes. You will learn to draft your giving plan, the key considerations in volunteering, and how to engage your family in philanthropic outreach. For financial gifting, you will learn the basics of 15 giving tools that include appreciated assets, qualified charitable distributions, donor advised funds, and trusts. After learning the basics, you will learn different strategies on how these financial tools might be used in solo or mix and match ways for your own giving plan. Lesson personal journal exercises are included to help you frame and structure your design.

This is the third course of a 4 Course Program. Completion of all four courses is required for The Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate.