Two sets of hands holding a red heart. The Aspirational Philanthropist Learning Program. Presented by Aspire to Give and the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and NonProfit Studies

Aspire to Give 2: Donor Discovery Course


$75 Enroll

Full course description

In Donor Discovery, course participants will learn how to use donor-outlook questioning methods to reveal, understand, and connect with others.  They will gain an understanding of the four (4) dimensions of giving as they review and assess their current giving. Through storytelling, course participants will then discover and align their charitable passions, personal strengths, and purpose for effective giving to bring personal purpose, meaning, and impact.  To explore the objects of their giving, course participants will learn both the traditional and new giving opportunities of the ever-expanding philanthropic frontier.  Lastly, to ensure their giving has the intended impact, course participants will learn to research and vet (perform the necessary due diligence ) potential beneficiary organizations with a comprehensive 8-point checklist.

This is the second course of a 4 Course Program. Completion of all four courses is required for The Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate.