Are You OK? Strategic Thinking To Get You Through The Day At Work And At Home. Danny Butler, Ph. D. Dark blue background with eagle and building image, EagleCast Webinar Series

EagleCast: Are You OK? Strategic Thinking to Get You Through the Day at Work and at Home

Started Jun 15, 2021


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Our mental and physical health impacts how we get through our days. Over the last few years, many of us have fared better than others in terms of our mental and physical health. Dr. Butler will provide an interactive workshop that will provide easy to understand ideas and tools to help us get through each day. Ideally, this will lead to us to feel better emotionally and physically.

How does Dr. Butler’s background in marketing translate into this workshop? Well, the study of how consumer’s make choices is based on solid psychological principles. These same principles impact the choices we make, consciously and subconsciously, that manifest themselves in our overall health. Research suggests that a healthy mind and body lead to more contentment and better attitudes which in turn impact our workplace behaviors.

Much of what Dr. Butler will dive into begins with the question, Are You OK? What does that really mean to each of us? Do we answer automatically, or do we consider what is being asked in the context of the question? Our answers will frame our behaviors and those of others with whom we interact. If we can frame our thoughts, we can frame our behaviors. In other words, we can make choices that will allow each of us to have a better day.

Be prepared for a fun workshop with at least one nugget you may use immediately to help you have a better day, today, tomorrow and beyond.

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