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PCIT: CDI & PDI Teach Video Sessions is a Course

PCIT: CDI & PDI Teach Video Sessions

Time limit: 365 days

$60 Enroll

Full course description

In an effort to improve clinical delivery for PCIT services, these clinical demonstration videos are now available as part of a year long subscription to the PCIT International library of videos. During the CDI Teach and PDI Teach exemplar sessions, Dr. Robin Gurwitch demonstrates how to present all of the CDI Teach and PDI Teach information with a client. Viewers will be able to follow along with the Teach sessions in the PCIT protocol as each video segment is clearly marked with the topic being covered from the protocol.  These videos would make an excellent introduction to PCIT for administrators who would like to know more about PCIT. These videos could also be a useful instructional tool for students enrolled in a child therapy graduate course. Finally, these videos could also be helpful in therapy should a caregiver require a refresher or if a spouse, partner, or additional caregiver is unable to make PCIT sessions but would like to support PCIT in the home. Don't miss seeing how a PCIT Master Trainer explains all of the "ins and outs" of these very crucial sessions.