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Culture Bump Module 4: Cultural Values

Time limit: 180 days

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Culture Bump Module 4: Cultural Values

In this single stand alone module, you will learn how our culture bumps are the physical manifestation of something much deeper - our cultural values - values we hold dear in our culture.

Our culture bumps are the physical manifestation of something much deeper - our cultural values. In other words, our "bumps" or our differing behaviors come from the values that we hold dear in our culture. Again, "culture" as it is used in this Toolkit refers to national cultures but, in reality, our values come from our national cultures, our regional cultures, our family culture and from our unique, personal culture. In this module, you will practice distinguishing between cultural and individual values for yourself and others. You will explore two different cultural models that can be applied to your own and other cultures. The activities in this module will guide you in relating these different ideas to your own daily activities.

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What is Culture Bump© Training?

A unique cultural and communication training for cultural differences that leads to specific skills for authentic personal and organizational change in an easy to learn process. These changes, supported by Culture Bump© tools, are sustainable and transferable. Cultural differences include country of origin, regional, gender, professional, age and ethnic distinctions.

Who benefits from Culture Bump© Training?

CEO’s, managers, supervisors, administrators, academic faculty, staff, teachers, student leaders and employees of higher education institutions, school districts, corporations, military, health care, government agencies, and non-profits.

Culture Bump App is available for use on iOS or Android devices.