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PCIT International, Course Includes Japanese Translation PCIT: Does Time-Out Traumatize Children? (PCIT/APA Credit) is a Course

PCIT: Does Time-Out Traumatize Children? (PCIT/APA Credit)

Time limit: 180 days

$35 Enroll

Full course description

n this PCIT CE video, Master Trainer Dr. Cheryl McNeil provides information that will help PCIT therapists address legitimate questions from trauma-informed colleagues and skeptical parents about the appropriateness of using time-out, including a back-up room, with children who have had trauma histories. In her comprehensive presentation, Dr. McNeil dispels some myths about PCIT, PTSD, and childhood trauma. She also incorporates her own relevant research to inform her statements about whether time-out, as utilized in PCIT, traumatizes children. Don’t miss Dr. McNeil’s helpful explanation of a very complicated issue…or the handouts that are available to course registrants!