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Grey cars on an assembly line with parts being added Effective Supervision in the Manufacturing Environment is a Course

Effective Supervision in the Manufacturing Environment

1.45 credits

$379 Enroll

Full course description

The Auburn Online Leadership Course, designed by the Global Leadership Training Initiative, is a 12.5 hour lectured based course designed to provide current and aspiring leaders with quality training. The course is lecture based, providing participants with instructions  by way of videos. Within each video the lecturer, Dr. William Sauser, takes ample time to discuss in detail the many inner workings and functions of both leadership, management, and the supervisory functions intertwined between the two. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience within the automotive manufacturing industry, Dr. Sauser provides a unique take on the who, what, when, where, and why, on leadership as well as many unique scenarios that workers will face whilst on the job.

The course is designed to be completed in order, as the modules are locked with the only prerequisite being the completion of all modules, videos, and random quizzes that come before it. Random quizzes are placed throughout the course to pace the individuals as well as test their knowledge of the topics corresponding to the current video they are on.

At the end of the course are mini essay questions designed to test the newly gained applicable knowledge of the participant to see to it that they understand the material taught tot them well enough to to form solutions to various example problems they may face. Along with that, they are asked to answer a series of evaluation questions for the future benefit of the course.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants earn 1.45 Continuing Education Unit credits (CEU's).