Full course description

June 18 - July 15  The course objective is to introduce learners to a wide array of issues and concerns involving the nation's critical infrastructure as that term can be broadly defined in the post 9/11 and post- Katrina world. Topics addressed in the course include:
1. The range of critical infrastructure concerns.

2. Ways in which critical infrastructure concerns have been defined and addressed in the past, ways in which they are presently being addressed, and ways in which they could be more fully addressed in the future.

3. The role that cascading critical infrastructure failures played in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

4. Ways of protecting critical infrastructure and providing for critical infrastructure continuity and the need to incorporate a focus on prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, and continuity of operations.

5. The importance of taking steps to help ensure the reliability, resilience, stability, and continuity of critical infrastructure; and the need to include an emphasis on the development of disaster resistant communities and regions that includes a concern for disaster resistant infrastructure within those communities and regions and within the nation as a whole