Full course description

This course focuses on providing information about local government planning, infrastructure protection, private sector collaboration and liaison with state resources regarding local and regional disasters or terrorist attacks. Emphasis will be placed upon learning how to effectively plan for incident response; as well as coordinate with state and federal agencies. The overarching template for the course will be the incident command component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Specific modules will include: study of coordination, aid and support components of the Emergency Operations Plan; locating and coordinating private sector resources; identifying and protecting infrastructures; and coordination with state and federal entities.

1. The use of the incident command system as a planning template and response tool.
2 . The key components in the State of Alabama Emergency Operations Plan that relate to local government coordination, mutual aid and incident support.

3. The effective coordination of private sector resources for local and regional support.

4. The identification and protection of local critical infrastructures.

5. An active case study and exercise related to a local disaster.