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Afterschool Educators: Enhancing the Afterschool STEM Experience is a Course

Afterschool Educators: Enhancing the Afterschool STEM Experience

Started Feb 2, 2017


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The Dimensions of Success (DoS) Tool, created by the Pear Institute, is a way to objectively analyze STEM lessons as well as STEM programs to ensure that students are receiving a high quality, authentic, STEM Learning Experience. Any factor that can negatively impact the student’s STEM Learning Experience, must be pinpointed and avoided to ensure maximum effectiveness of the STEM program. STEM Leads, in coordination with the Alabama Afterschool Community Network, and Truman Pierce Institute out of Auburn University, have completed the required Dimensions of Success training and certification process. In this course, the STEM Leads will walk individuals through the basics of the DoS tool so that they may understand its relevance and impact in regards to achieving the best for our students in their out-of-school time.

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